Wellbeing Consultations

Regular visits to the Vet play a very important role in ensuring your pet stays happy, healthy and content.

Our 10 Point Health & Wellbeing consultations have been designed to ensure the optimal health of each and every pet that walks through our doors. Your vet will walk you through each area of interest, looking at specific conditions impacting your pet’s health as well as preventative action that can be taken to safeguard your pet against any future developments. The result is a comprehensive plan that brings together your pet’s treatment and addresses their overall wellbeing.

At Love That Pet we recommend you visit us for a Wellbeing Consultation at least twice a year. Our pets’ age significantly quicker than we do and there are things your vet will discover from a physical exam that may go unnoticed by you until they develop into much more significant issues. Regular visits from an early age also ensure that your pet comes to enjoy their trip to the vet.

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Wellbeing Consult – Primary Care Inclusions
Veterinarian Time (mins) 20
10 Point Health & Wellbeing Exam
– Ear Exam Tick symbol png
– Eye Exam Tick symbol png
– Oral Exam Tick symbol png
– Nasal Exam Tick symbol png
– Integument Exam Tick symbol png
– Heart & Lung Exam Tick symbol png
– Abdominal Exam Tick symbol png
– Lymph Node Exam Tick symbol png
– Musculoskeletal Exam Tick symbol png
– Body Conditioning Score Tick symbol png
Wellbeing Assessment & Planning
– Treatment Plan Tick symbol png
– Wellbeing Plan Tick symbol png
Total $69

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Frequently Asked Questions: Wellbeing Consultations

What can I do if I find it hard to get to the Vet?

If your day-to-day is chock a block but your pet is due in for its health check/vaccination, take advantage of our complimentary Drop & Go service. Just drop your pet off on the way to work, leave them with us for the day, then collect them when you’ve clocked off. There are no extra charges.

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