Pet Diets

Each pet will have their own requirement for nutrition and supplementation and the vets at Love That Pet Gold Coast North are the best people to advise you on what your pet may need.

Our vets and nurses can give you information on the range of commercially available foods as well as the option of home prepared pet diets that meet all the nutritional requirements of your furry friend.

This is also particularly important for pre-adult, senior, unwell animals and those with chronic skin disorders or allergies as their dietary needs can be different.

While it is possible to home prepare a healthy diet for your beloved pets, it is hard to have the correct information to know how to prepare a proper, balanced and healthy diet without specialist training. Most home prepared diets, as a consequence, are poorly formulated and are not complete and balanced with the right nutrients which in turn can cause problems of nutrient deficiency. It is very important that any diet fed to either ourselves, or our animals, is complete and balanced in the long term. That means that it supplies all the nutrients your furry friends needs for a healthy, long life. This is one of the main advantages of feeding a high quality commercial pet diet that come balanced & pre-formulated to supply all your pets nutrient needs.

If you are home preparing, it is vitally important that your home made diet meets the correct nutrient needs. Our furry friends have different nutrient requirements to people, so a diet for instance that would be healthy for a human, such as pasta, meat and vegetables, would not be complete and balanced for a dog or cat. This is where a lot of pet owners get themselves into trouble with home preparing: feeding your furry friend a diet that is good for you will not entirely fill the bill for them!

At Love That Pet Gold Coast, we can tailor a pet diet that suits the breed, age and medical condition of each animal.

General home formulating guidelines:

  • Look to use good quality ingredients, organic if possible
  • Aim to provide a wide variety of food sources over timeFeeding a limited number of foods exclusively can lead to deficiencies in the longer term
  • Allergies. Be aware that any individual can have allergies to any particular ingredient 
  • Raw feeding is best for most animals. Raw food provides more nutrients. Cooking destroys vitamins and enzymes
  • Cook the diet only when necessary. For example to increase the palatability of the food for animals used to commercial foods, especially cats.  Cooking may make the food easier to digest for pets with certain illnesses 

Don’t be afraid, a homemade diet is easy and simple to make even for special conditions. For the busy people (who isn’t these days) or if you are running out of home ingredients, we stock a variety of Vet approved pet food online at our store or in store at Love That Pet Gold Coast North.