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Did you know that 80% of cats and dogs suffer from dental disease?

Four out of every five pets over the age of three years can have developed such a bad infection that they are suffering pain and their immune systems are being overwhelmed with infection.

Regular cleaning of your dog or cat’s teeth combined with yearly dental checkups are a vital part of ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy. Luckily, at Love That Pet Gold Coast North, we are one of Queensland’s leading dental experts for cats and dogs.

Warning signs that your pet is suffering from dental problems include:

  • Brown discolouration on teeth. This discolouration is caused by the build up of billions of harmful bacteria. Over time these bacteria cause the gum and bone around your dog or cat’s teeth to rot and decay. Any tartar should be removed immediately to restore the mouth to health.
  • Smelly breath. Bad pet breath is not normal, and is caused by gasses released by the harmful bacteria damaging your pet’s teeth
  • Your pet doesn’t eat food as fast as before, or growls/whines when eating. Many pets keep quiet about their dental pain, but the signs are there if you look closely. Cats and dogs that have a sore tooth on one side of the mouth often chew food on the other side, and in extreme cases if they have problems on both sides they will growl or run away from the food bowl. Sometimes they stop eating their hard biscuits or only lick the jelly from their food. All of these show your pet has a problem.
  • The gums bleed when you touch them. Bleeding gums are a sign of bad infection. Healthy gums don’t bleed when you rub your finger along them, so if you see any blood at all in your pet’s mouth then your pet needs attention fast.

You can book a dental assessment for your pet with our vets at any time. During this visit, the vet will assess the teeth and, if any dental work is required, they will also check that your pet’s heart and lungs are OK for an anaesthetic.

If your cat or dog does require any dental care work check out what our Astounding Value Scale & Polish Package includes.

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