Pet Oncology & Cancer Treatment

Love that Pet have resident experts in oncology who are experienced in diagnosing and treating cancer in animals. Cancer is no longer a death sentence for pets, and speedy detection and treatment can save the life of your animal companion.

Thanks to advances in veterinary technology, cancer is now increasingly treatable under the guidance of trained specialists.

While some pet owners might be reluctant to seek treatment for an animal with cancer, it should be noted that the effects of cancer treatment on animals are usually not as painful as they are on humans, since minimisation of discomfort is usually a priority.

An animal with cancer has three main treatment options:

  • Surgery involves the removal of tumours, and can also be employed to reduce the size of tumours in conjunction with other types of treatment.
  • Radiation therapy is often effective when smaller tumours are involved, and can be combined with chemotherapy and/or surgery.
  • Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from a serious health issue, give us a call or visit our Love That Pet Campus so the condition can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.