Diagnostic Imaging:

Ultrasound & X-rays

We at Love That Pet Gold Coast North, we have the best technology with our newly upgraded imaging suite to ensure we are equipped with the most accurate digital X-Ray machine allowing superior images to be taken increasing the diagnostic ability. Images can be taken of the skeleton (spine and legs), the abdomen (including major organs) and the thorax (including the lung and the heart) as well as contrast studies of the bladder and kidneys, and many diseases and issues can be diagnosed from these images.

These images will then be stored on your pets- computerised file and can be transferred to specialists if required. With digital ultrasound facilities we are able to evaluate soft tissue organs in the abdomen such as the liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach, kidneys, intestines, bladder and the area in which they reside. During this evaluation we are able to see if the organs are of normal size and structure and check the area surrounding the organs.