At Love That Pet, we believe that education is key to improving the wellbeing of our pets and helping them live longer and happier lives.

After all, today’s kids are tomorrow’s pet owners…

That’s why our Community Engagement Program focuses on providing young pet lovers with innovative learning experiences that are fun and interactive.

It is available to all local schools and child care centres, and is tailored to kids of all ages.

For the most engaging learning experience, we can organize a fun 30 minute school visit to our Gold Coast North vet clinic. This will include:

  • What do vets and nurses do
  • Why it’s important to take your pet to the vet
  • Dressing up as a veterinary surgeon
  • Looking through a microscope at creepy crawlies
  • What food is bad for our pets
  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Ask the vet – question & answer time

Alternatively, our vets and nurses are also able to attend schools and child care centres for an educational pet care talk.

We believe in supporting our local community and our Community Engagement Program is provided free of charge.

For more information, please give us a call on 07 5546 6756 or contact us online.